Eddy Wolput

(b. 1948). 7th dan Tomiki Aikido – JAA. Banker. First taught by Tony Thielemans, a former student of Aritoshi MURASHIGE, in 1971. Promoted to 1st dan by Hirokazu KOBAYASHI in 1974. Visited Japan in 1976 and practiced KORINDO. Studied in London under Ah Loi LEE in 1979. Made a second trip to Japan where he was taught by Hideo OHBA and after which he converted to Tomiki Aikido. Shobukai, Limburgstraat 106, Antwerp 2020 Belgium (03)216.31.82.

Josh Gold

I am Executive Editor of Aikido Journal and co-founder of Ikazuchi Dojo. I began my aikido journey in 1991 under Haruo Matsuoka.

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