Yoseikan Aikido 養正館合気道

The composite martial art developed by Minoru MOCHIZUKI which incorporates elements of the pre-war AIKI BUDO of Morihei UESHIBA, judo, karate, old-style jujutsu and kenjutsu. Mochizuki’s Yoseikan Aikido is often referred to as YOSEIKAN BUDO. This system was first formulated and taught by Mochizuki at his dojo in Shizuoka City. Yoseikan Dojo, Mukoshikiji 846, Shizuoka-shi Japan (0542)59-0663.

Josh Gold

I am Executive Editor of Aikido Journal and co-founder of Ikazuchi Dojo. I began my aikido journey in 1991 under Haruo Matsuoka and am honored to have been his direct disciple for the last 27 years.

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