Ebook: Morihiro Saito: Takemusu Aikido, Volume 5 — Bukidori & Ninindori – $12.99

“Rarely taught, advanced weapons and empty-handed
techniques for the serious aikido student!

This volume entitled Takemusu Aikido: Bukidori & Ninindori is the fifth of the comprehensive series by Morihiro Saito presenting the aikido techniques of Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei. Volume 5 covers the following series of techniques: tachidori, jodori, jonage, tankendori and ninindori. This work is profusely illustrated with more than 450 photos and includes detailed, step-by-step explanations and commentary on each technique.

The author, Morihiro Saito, is a 9th degree black belt and author of the highly acclaimed technical series, Traditional Aikido. Saito Sensei enrolled as a student of Founder Morihei Ueshiba in 1946. One of the art’s foremost technicians, he is the acknowledged authority on aikido weapons training. Saito Sensei operates Ueshiba’s private dojo in Iwama, Japan and serves as guardian of the Aiki Shrine. He has traveled extensively throughout the world teaching his comprehensive aikido training methods.

Sonoko Tanaka is a black-belt student of Saito Sensei and has lived and trained in Iwama. Stanley Pranin is a 5th degree black belt and the editor-in-chief of Aiki News/Aikido Journal which he founded in 1974.

60 techniques: Tachidori (13 techniques), Jodori (13 techniques), Jonage (10 techniques), Tankendori (12 techniques), Ninindori (12 techniques)


Foreword • Editor’s Note

Tachidori kokyunage 1 • Tachidori kokyunage 2 • Tachidori kokyunage 3 • Tachidori kokyunage 4 • Tachidori kokyunage 5 • Tachidori kokyunage 6 • Tachidori kokyunage 7 • Tachidori iriminage • Tachidori kotegaeshi • Tachidori koshinage • Tachidori sankyo • Tachidori rokkyo • Tachidori



Jodori-Jonage video by Morihiro Saito available here

Jodori kokyunage 1 • Jodori kokyunage 2 • Jodori kokyunage 3 • Jodori kokyunage 4 • Jodori kokyunage 5 • Jodori kokyunage 6 • Jodori kokyunage 7 • Jodori kokyunage 8 • Jodori kokyunage 9 • Jodori kokyunage 10 • Jodori kokyunage 11 • Jodori rokkyo • Jodori


Jodori-Jonage video by Morihiro Saito available here

Jonage 1 • Jonage 2 • Jonage 2 henkawaza • Jonage shihonage omote • Jonage shihonage ura • Jonage nikyo 1 • Jonage nikyo 2 – grab from behind • Jonage – grab from behind 1 • Jonage – grab from behind 2 • Jonage – grab from behind 3


Tankendori yokomenuchi gokyo • Tankendori yokomenuchi rokkyo • Tankendori tsuki gokyo • Tankendori tsuki rokkyo 1 • Tankendori tsuki rokkyo 2 • Tankendori tsuki kotegaeshi • Tankendori tsuki kokyunage • Tankendori • Tankendori hijigatame • Tankendori rokkyo -lateral knife attack to stomach • Tankendori kotegaeshi 1 – chest grab with throat thrust • Tankendori kotegaeshi 2 – rear attack


Ninindori kihon • Ninindori – when lifted upward • Ninindori – when pulled • Ninindori kokyunage • Ninindori • Ninindori – kokyunage & iriminage • Ninindori ki no nagare shihonage • Ninindori – one partner grabs chest from behind • Ninindori – when both partners grab your wrist • Ninindori – against ryotedori and morotedori grabs • Ninindori – when both wrists and shoulders grabbed • Ninindori – when both wrists and shoulders grabbed

Pages: 176
File size: 207 mb
Dimensions: 7″ x 10″
Price: $12.99


I ordered this book and have found it to be a great reinforcement to the training received at class. I recommend this book to anyone who is considering purchasing it. The photos are clear and from excellent angles that show the techniques very well. The explanations that go with the photos are also very helpful. The book is a great companion to Saito Sensei’s Lost Seminars video set.


“These manuals are invaluable tools for people like me. If Saito Sensei had been of the “old style” mindset, this might never have happened. These books have benefited me more than any other single publication on aikido technique, or any resource outside of dojo practice under a competent teacher.”


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