An Aikido Super Blooper with Stanley Pranin

Sometimes things don’t always turn out the way you plan… This was one of those days!

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  1. Hi Stan, From time to time accidents occur. Hopefully, they are small and can be laughed at when looked back on. The eye glasses, as with all jewelry, should have been removed (unless absolutely necessary) prior to training. Although training should be controlled and tightly monitored, all students should be taught to protect themselves at all times. This also allows the techniques to become realistic and effective. Without the protective effort, they are nothing more than atemi. I feel your actions were well controlled and uke should have responded rather that doing nothing. Sorry if my comments seem serious to a seemly minor and humorous incident but deeper implications were aroused. (waza wa naka ni waza ga iramasu) Itsumo shojin, Ken

  2. It’s wonderful that you remind us how important it is that we can laugh at ourselves.

  3. Excellent self defense application, Pranin Sensei!

    Students must train without glasses on since it’s the first thing an attacker will target: glasses, jewelry, high heels, long hair, any external sign of weakness. In my experience, students who have been practicing without glasses from the beginning have a much better sense of anticipation (sen no sen) than those who have good eye sight, They have to rely on peripheral vision from the beginning and cannot keep their eyes on a particular part of uke’s body (the first thing that beginners do and take years to correct).

    Dealing with the first discomfort of not seeing details is one of the challenges to overcome –but isn’t dealing with discomfort the purpose of Budo? Those who have done it now say: “All I see is a blurr, then I move in close (irimi). In the process I got hit several times, so I realized that I had to improve my timing!”

    Patrick Augé

  4. Never take one’s self too seriously! Always look for an opportunity to laugh at yourself! True humility comes form this. Thanks Stan! You’re the best! Peace!

  5. Thank you so much for reminding us how important it is to laugh at ourselves.
    Love your work and dedication.

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