Getting kotegaeshi to work while staying safe! by Stanley Pranin

Sometime ago, I published a blog titled “The Kotegaeshi Challenge”. In a nut shell, my article challenged readers to give their opinions on a potential vulnerability in the execution of kotegaeshi.

Stanley Pranin discussing kotegaeshi from the “Kotegaeshi Challenge” video
Stanley Pranin discussing kotegaeshi from the “Kotegaeshi Challenge” video

What is this potential vulnerability with kotegaeshi I mention above? Once again, I would refer you to the many images you will see resulting from your search for “kotegaeshi”. I would like you to focus on uke’s free hand just at the moment he is leaping into his high fall.

Following the publication of the blog, there were numerous opinions submitted on this site and on Facebook that commented on this issue.

Now Christopher Hein Sensei of Aikido of Fresno has come forward with a very well-thought-out video that addresses the issue I bring up and also show a number of alternatives to the execute of the traditional kotegaeshi.

We welcome readers to continue providing their input on this important technical issue.

In his “Complete Guide to Aikido 2.0“, Morihiro Saito shows nearly 20 different kotegaeshi variations for further reference .


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  1. The attack scenarios thus outlined do not include the possibility that Uke has a knife in the other hand. Grabbing is only used to secure Shite’s body such that it is in range to be attacked with the knife.

  2. Doug, I agree with your opinion, the body is vulnerable in this attack scenarios. It must be better protection system

  3. I do not feel that the “system is flawed” as aikido is a most excellent martial art.
    I believe additional examples could be provided.

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