“You broke your own bones and I am still alive!”

From a recent Facebook exchange where you can frequently find criticism of the effectiveness of aikido…

A: The joint locks work. Tossing people around.? Ha ha ha

B: If you’re saying that tossing people around is fake, then yes, for the most part you’re right. This is in the Dojo, where you want your training partner to get up and continue to train. The person being “tossed”, is called “Uke”. They are using an art called “Ukemi” (the art of falling). This allows for a full, committed attack with a safe outcome. This is Aikido in the Dojo. Outside the Dojo, most people will not commit to such movements and their reluctance will result in injury. Injuries to attackers is not the goal of a true Aikidoka (practitioner of Aikido). The goal is a peaceful resolution with understanding of the grievance that caused the conflict. Some refuse peaceful resolution and choose physical contact as a means to self satisfaction. For those, the definition of peaceful resolution naturally adjusts to say to the attacker, “You broke your own bones and I am still alive”.

A viewing of this video was the subject of the above exchange…


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  1. Great response, I’ve tried to explain this on another site but the person would not listen. I decided they just were unable or unwilling to see Aikido techniques and there outcome on a resistant opponent. When you think about it Aikido could be one of the most brutal of arts if it were not tempered by the spirit of peaceful outcome.

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