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Zen 禅

A Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism that teaches self-discipline, deep meditation, and the attainment of enlightenment by direct intuitive insight into a self-validating transcendent truth beyond all intellectual...

Yoseikan Budo

1. The composite martial art developed by Minoru MOCHIZUKI which incorporates elements of the pre-war AIKI BUDO of Morihei UESHIBA, judo, karate, old-style jujutsu and kenjutsu. 2. A composite martial system taught by...

Rolf Zuberbuhler

(b. 1948). Printer. Began training in 1964 at the Nippon Zurich Dojo. President of the Zurich Aikikai beginning 1985. Aikikai of Zurich, Hardturmstr. 76, Zurich, CH-8004 Switzerland.