Ki Aikido: Shizuo Imaizumi & Koichi Tohei

“A Special Offer of Koichi Tohei’s Aikido with Ki
Collection & Shizuo Imaizumi’s Ki Aikido Course!”

Koichi Tohei’s Aikido with Ki Collection will provide you with everything you need to know about this 10th dan master who had a pivotal role in shaping the Aikikai curriculum in the postwar era. The material — viewable online and downloadable — includes a documentary on Tohei Sensei’s career in aikido, his warm-ups and ki exercises, the 50 basic techniques, extensive footage from a 1974 seminar, and spectacular demonstrations by Tohei Sensei in his prime! With these two information-packed products you’ll be up to speed on every aspect of Ki Aikido.



What’s Inside the Shizuo Imaizumi Ki Aikido Course…

● 47 hi-res video modules
● Option to view content online or download to your device
● Mobile friendly
● Unlimited access to course content
● Principles of Ki explained and demonstrated
● Ki No Taiso explained and demonstrated
● Basic techniques of Ki Aikido developed by Koichi Tohei, 10th dan
● In-depth interview with Shizuo Imaizumi by Stanley Pranin
● Learn backstories to some of the most important events of aikido history

Both products available at the discounted price of $57!


I prefer only Koichi Tohei’s Aikido with Ki Collection at $19.95