The Ki Aikido curriculum of Chief Instructor Koichi Tohei, 10th dan Aikikai... long consigned to the dustbin of history, now brought back to life!


A major breakthrough to Revive Koichi Tohei's Ki Aikido Curriculum!

With the passage of so many years, few remember the heyday of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo of the 1960s and early 70s. This was the point in time when aikido spread its wings and planted roots all over world. The dominant figures at the headquarters school were Kisshomaru Ueshiba -- son of Founder Morihei Ueshiba -- and Chief Instructor Koichi Tohei.

Tohei Sensei was aikido's best known representative due to his great charisma, splendid technique and refined Ki Aikido curriculum. He had a large network of dojos in Japan and spread aikido to the USA, beginning in Hawaii. Tohei Sensei also published a succession of technical and philosophical books that were translated into English and other western languages. His impact on the practice of aikido technique and principles were immense.

In May 1974, Tohei Sensei resigned his post amidst much controversy and left the Aikikai to form his own school. Many aikido associations, dojos, instructors, and students, particularly in Japan and the U.S.A., were compelled to make a choice of whether to stay within the Aikikai system or join Tohei’s newly-created Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido organization.

As fate would have it, both the Aikikai and Tohei Sensei's Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido organization subsequently chose to distance themselves from this period of the art's development that some consider aikido's "Golden Years". This left a huge void as both sides promoted their widely different views of aikido's early years. The Aikikai's impact has been far greater than the smaller Ki Aikido organization, and given its political stance, has in effect written Koichi Tohei out of aikido's history.

This sad state of affairs has impoverished our understanding of aikido's formative years and obscured Koichi Tohei's many contributions while his splendid Ki Aikido curriculum has been largely forgotten.

With the launch of Koichi Tohei's "Complete Guide to Ki Aikido", Aikido Journal has taken a giant step forward toward filling this knowledge gap. Based on a treasure trove of documentation stored in our archives for decades, we are systematically reconstructing the Ki Aikido curriculum in digital format for rapid access on the go for today's practitioners.

Let's have a conversation about where you're at in Aikido right now...

Perhaps you are at the point in your aikido career when you want to access the techniques and theories of various masters to stimulate your training.

You have several problems to overcome. First, you missed seeing and training under some of the top historical masters because they were part of an earlier generation. Maybe they published books and films, but in almost all cases these materials are long out of print, difficult to obtain, and fetch astronomical prices due to their rarity. Another stumbling block may be the closed view of the dojo or organization of which you are a member. Some instructors discourage outside study of other styles and theories.

Is it possible that you've never heard, or know very little about Koichi Tohei, the famous 10th dan, who played such an important role in the postwar development of aikido?

For those of us who have been involved in aikido for a long time, Koichi Tohei is practically a household name. But in retrospect, it has been 42 years since his resignation from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and we are two generations removed from these events. Many of today's practitioners don't know who he was or have barely heard of him.

I will tell you in all honesty, Koichi Tohei was better known in his heyday than Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei himself! Tohei Sensei was very intelligent and persuasive, and in some circles had almost a cult following. Everyone who could attended his seminars and bought his books when he was chief instructor of the Aikikai. His "Aikido in Daily Life" was a best seller that everyone read in the 1960s and 70s. His art stressed Ki principles and was one of the main currents in the aikido world. Everyone had heard of it, and for many it was their style of practice.

Do you lament the fact that you missed out on an opportunity to study under Koichi Tohei?

It would seem that you are completely out of luck. Yes, it's true! You are, or at least you were... But we now have a solution. Koichi Tohei's "Complete Guide to Ki Aikido" provides you his entire curriculum beautifully organized in digital format and available to you wherever there is an Internet connection. You can quickly access all his techniques and run a comparison with other aikido masters and styles. We're getting further away in time from Koichi Tohei, but at the same time we can get closer to his insights and Ki techniques thanks to the exponential advances in technology that allow the creation of tools like the "Complete Guide to Ki Aikido".

Here's what you get...

  • Koichi Tohei's complete Ki Aikido curriculum as presented in books and film
  • 81 narrated videos for each technique and theme with English subtitles
  • Clickable video index allowing rapid access to the entire Ki Aikido curriculum
  • Alphabetized list of techniques of the Ki Aikido curriculum
  • Fully mobile responsive interface for viewing video content wherever an Internet connection is available

Here's what Koichi Tohei's "Complete Guide to Ki Aikido" will do for you...

When we launched Morihiro Saito's "Complete Guide to Aikido" last year, it proved to be a ground-breaking product. Not only was the quality and breadth of the content outstanding, but this first "Guide" represented a new medium in and of itself allowing practitioners to be able to quickly and easily access huge amounts of technical material.

With Koichi Tohei's "Complete Guide to Ki Aikido" we have another flagship product that not only fills a long-standing information gap, but will also bring the great 10th dan instructor back to the center stage which is his rightful historical place. Like Morihiro Saito after him, Koichi Tohei was an acknowledged technical genius, charismatic instructor, and creator of the sophisticated Ki Aikido curriculum.

Get the "Complete Guide to Ki Aikido" today!


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