How can I access my old Aikido Journal products?

You can access your old Aikido Journal products by logging in at: members.aikidojournal.com

I was a former Aikido Journal Members site subscriber. Is my subscription still active?

Yes, we will soon be moving all of the previously restricted articles and interviews from the Members site to the public Aikido Journal site. In the meantime, you’ll be able to access Members site content by logging in at members.aikidojournal.com. As long as you had an active Members site subscription as of January 1, 2017, you’ll have continued access to the Members site with no further subscription fees until we retire the site.

I have names or old URLs for many AJ articles. How can I find these articles now?

After moving to our new platform, we decided to clean and enhance all of the old Aikido Journal articles before republishing them. After moving the articles over to the new website, we found that nearly every article was broken in some way – broken links, ads for a retired product, etc. We want the stories to do justice to the authors and the people covered in the stories. We currently have 100+ articles cleaned and online and will continue to republish articles as quickly as we can, given our resources. If you have a specific article you’d like to be brought back online, email us and we will prioritize it.

If you’d like to see the content get cleaned and republished faster, please consider supporting us with an AikidoJournal.TV subscription. The more resources we have, the faster we can move.

I can’t login to AikidoJournal.TV

The new Aikido Journal TV is our on-demand streaming video service. You’ll need to be an AikidoJournal.TV subscriber to access this service. If you are trying to access legacy products or the old Aikido Journal Members site, you’ll login at members.aikidojournal.com. AikidoJournal.TV requires a separate membership and you won’t be able to log into Aikido Journal TV with your Legacy Member site login.

If you are an active AikidoJournal.TV subscriber and need a password reset, please email us.

When will video “X” be available on AikidoJournal.TV?

We are reviewing, cleaning, editing, and publishing videos from Aikido Journal as quickly as we can. If you have a specific video from the collection you’d like to see on AikidoJournal.TV, email us and we will prioritize it.

Can I still buy old Aikido Journal products, like the Founder’s Course?

No. Those products are now retired. If you previously purchased a legacy product, it can still be accessed at members.aikidojournal.com. The community (90%) told us they prefer on-demand access to the entire collection, so we’ve built AikidoJournal.TV, a streaming video service that will soon contain the entire Aikido Journal video collection, including all the videos from the legacy products that were originally sold separately.

We are still determining how to handle purchase of Aikido Journal books. For now, we will be periodically offering free downloads of Aikido Journal books to AikidoJournal.TV subscribers.