Waseda University Aikido Club

Founded by Kenji TOMIKI in 1958, the club was established under the proviso that competition be incorporated which was subsequently accomplished. The Waseda Club has dominated interuniversity competitions since their inception in 1969; Waseda teams have been All-Japan Champions 17 times and have placed second the other three times. They have remained undefeated since 1981. Many of the top proponents of TOMIKI AIKIDO throughout the world are graduates of this club. Its current director is Shogo YAMAGUCHI, who is assisted by coaches Itsuo HABA and Hideo Yoshikawa. The Chairman of the Alumnae Club is Riki H. KOGURE. The University also has four other aikido clubs as well as physical education classes in Tomiki Aikido. These include a second Tomiki club, an AIKIKAI group under the supervision of Hiroshi TADA, a SHINSHIN TOITSU AIKIDO club, and a recently established YOSHINKAN AIKIDO group. Waseda University Aikido Club, Waseda Gymnasium, 1-6-1 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 Japan (03)364-0548.

Josh Gold

Executive Editor of Aikido Journal, CEO of Budo Accelerator, and co-founder of Ikazuchi Dojo.

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