Nishio Aikido

Shoji Nishio was one of the art’s true innovators, possessor of a dynamic style built on long years of study in other disciplines melded superbly into his unique aikido. Speed, effectiveness, and elegance are the hallmarks of Nishio Sensei’s aikido. His impact on aikido was felt strongly both in Japan and abroad during to his extensive travel and frequent seminars.

Stanley Pranin and Aikido Journal helped preserved Nishio Sensei’s technical legacy by producing this course, filmed at the height of his career. These study aids are essential to learning his vast aikido system and will stimulate the thinking of beginner and advanced student alike.

This comprehensive instructional series with Shoji Nishio Sensei (8th dan) includes:

  • 82 techniques and concepts covered in over 5 hours of video instruction
  • Entire Nishio Aikido curriculum including ken and jo forms
  • Translated into English by Stanley Pranin
  • Includes Yurusu Budo, by Shoji Nishio, a 209 p. ebook

View now on Aikido Journal TV or purchase the course separately.


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