New Updates to Aikido Journal TV

After operating Aikido Journal TV for 4 months, we’ve had the opportunity to get feedback, look at usage data, and make our first round of improvements. Read this short post to learn more about 3 key updates and let us know what you think. We appreciate your feedback and continued support.

1. Video Collection

Aikido Journal’s extensive video collection was previously packaged and sold as separate products. With the exception of a few videos that are best served by breaking them out as a separate product, all of the videos in our collection are either online on Aikido Journal TV now or are scheduled for cleanup and upload in the coming months. The community told us it prefers an on-demand subscription model so we’re continuing to focus on making the best possible subscription-based service that we can.

Our Video Cleanup Process

Each video from the collection is now enhanced when possible, scored with updated music, and rebuilt with new title screens. After each video is reviewed and updated, it’s uploaded to our on-demand video channel, tagged with descriptive keywords, and linked to point back to relevant articles or information on Aikido Journal’s public website.

New Video Content

We’ll continue to produce and add new content to the channel over time. We look forward to sharing more about upcoming new content in the near future.

Search and Discovery

We’re working to improve search and discovery capabilities on an ongoing basis. Usage data tells us that viewers prefer shorter videos so we’ve created a category on the main page called “Short Vids” that allows you to quickly browse videos that are 10-minutes or less in length. A number of our subscribers watch videos on mobile devices so now it’s easy to find a short video to watch on a break during the day or on the mat.  We’re also now more frequently updating sections to the home screen to indicate new videos added or showcase a series of videos centered around a specific theme. We also plan on adding more detailed keywords and pointers for important videos so viewers can easily find a timecode for a specific technique or topic within a video.

2. EBooks

In its 44-year history, Aikido Journal has published a range of books from some of the most legendary figures in the world of aikido. A number of community members have asked how they can obtain our ebooks.

Three books from the Aikido Journal collection. The journal authored and published an extensive collection of books over a multi-decade period.

Aikido Journal’s collection of books will now be made available as downloadable ebooks for Aikido Journal TV subscribers. Some books are permanently available for on-demand download (such as a 236-page book on Daito-Ryu Aiki Jiujitsu with Katsuyuki Kondo), but most books will be distributed over time through our digital giftboxes. Our March giftbox includes Yurusu Budo, by Shoji Nishio (209p), a $29.95 value.

3. Digital Giftboxes

We released digital giftboxes in November and December 2017 and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Based on this, beginning in March, we’ll be crafting a new digital giftbox every month this year.

Giftboxes will contain ebooks from our collection, digital copies of vintage back issues of Aiki News and Aikido Journal, high-resolution art, discounts for other products and seminars, and other perks.

Our March giftbox contains:

  • Yurusu Budo by Shoji Nishio e-book (209p.) a $29 value
  • Aiki News #91, 1992: Featuring Shoji Nishio
  • Aiki News #102, 1995: Featuring Kazuo Chiba and Rick Stickles
  • High-resolution printable image of Morihei Ueshiba delivering a lecture
  • 20% Off: Koji Yoshida (7th dan) Seminar (Nishio Aikido) in Los Angeles, April 21-22, 2018

In April, we’ll have a new digital giftbox with more great stuff.

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If you’re not yet an Aikido Journal TV subscriber, we hope you’ll join us, give it a try, and fuel our efforts to tell the story of aikido and strengthen the global aikido community.

Through March, we’re offering 25% off a monthly subscription for your first six months with the discount code “PRANIN”

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