• Stanley; I have an original copy of AIKI NEWS,. It’s VOL 1, No,.3 dated June 1974. – Monterey, California. “The South San Francisco, Aikikai, 701 Linden Ave South San Frnacisco. was on your mailing list. Robert Tann was chief instructor and was followed by Edward Naughton, my father. I ejnjoyed listening to your history of of Aiki News and Aikido Journal. The first class stamp back then was 10 cents! The stamp is still on the newsletter.

    • Noreen,

      Thanks for reminding me of the old issue. I remember Bob Tann and I remember your father as well. As I recall, he would travel down to LA when Tohei Sensei was in town and I believe I first met him there. Such memories!

      It would be great if you could find time to write something up about your Dad and Bob Tann. I only knew them slightly but there were certainly pioneers. We’d be happy to publish something along these lines.