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Now Available: Classic courses from Aikido Journal

Aikido Journal TV, our subscription service that provides on-demand access to our content library has been rapidly expanding as we continue to add an increasing number of videos and books from our vast content catalog.

For those who prefer to purchase courses individually, we’ve now made available four of Aikido Journal’s “Classic” products on our new platform. All of the content within these classic products is already available on-demand for Aikido Journal TV subscribers, but these classic courses can now be purchased separately for non-subscribers.

Nishio Aikido

Shoji Nishio was one of the art’s true innovators, possessor of a dynamic style built on long years of study in other disciplines melded superbly into his unique aikido. Speed, effectiveness, and elegance are the hallmarks of Nishio Sensei’s aikido. His impact on aikido was felt strongly both in Japan and abroad during to his extensive travel and frequent seminars.

Stanley Pranin and Aikido Journal helped preserved Nishio Sensei’s technical legacy by producing this course, filmed at the height of his career. These study aids are essential to learning his vast aikido system and will stimulate the thinking of beginner and advanced student alike.

Course includes 82 techniques and concepts covered in over 5 hours of video instruction along with Yurusu Budo, a 209 page ebook written by Shoji Nishio and published by Aikido Journal.

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Daito-ryu Aikijiujitsu

This Daito-ryu instructional course by Katsuyuki Kondo Sensei was produced by Aikido Journal and originally released on DVD. Kondo Sensei is one of the leading figures in the word of Daito-ryu, having received the Menkyo Kaiden from Headmaster Tokimune Takeda, the son of Sokaku Takeda.

Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, the precursor to aikido techniques, was a martial art taught in the first part of twentieth century Japan by the famous Sokaku Takeda of the Aizu clan, a certified martial arts’ genius. Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba met Sokaku in 1915, and immediately became engrossed in training. Daito-ryu, in Morihei’s words, “opened his eyes to budo.”

The “Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu” – Hiden Mokuroku course by Kondo Sensei is the perfect introduction to Daito-ryu for beginners and experienced martial artists alike. Expertly demonstrated by Kondo Sensei, this course covers all of the techniques contained in the Hiden Mokuroku transmission scrolls of the formerly secret Daito-ryu school.

Course also includes Daito-ryu Aikijiujitsu, a 236p. eBook. This is the first Daito-ryu technical manual translated into English. Published by Aikido Journal.

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Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo

This course highlights the aikido sword and staff forms taught by Morihiro Saito, 9th dan. Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba spent many years studying these weapons — called the Aiki Ken and Jo — at his country retreat in Iwama during and after World War II. Saito lived in Iwama and devoted himself to aikido training at the side of Ueshiba Sensei for over 20 years. Due to the severe conditions existing after the war, the Founder had few students during this period. As fate would have it, the responsibility for preserving, systematizing, and disseminating Morihei Ueshiba’s weapons practices fell to Saito Sensei. Added to the hundreds of empty-handed techniques of aikido, these ken and jo practices combine to form a cohesive, content-rich curriculum.

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Aiki Expo 2005

The 2005 Aiki Expo was a landmark event in the aikido world. One of the central themes of the event was the opportunity to crosstrain and exchange with like-minded aikidoka and martial artists from kindred arts. Many life-long connections and friendships grew out of the event, and the content, personalities, and magic of this unforgettable weekend are beautifully captured in this package. Includes nearly 3 hours of technical instruction from some of the living legends in the martial arts world, 24 demos, and a special one hour documentary on Christian Tissier (8th dan).

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