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We’ve just launched a Patreon page for Aikido Journal. Please take a moment to learn more about it, give us feedback, and hopefully, spread the word. 

As most of our community is aware, for the last 44 years, Aikido Journal has been an authoritative champion of the martial art of aikido. Founded in 1974 by Stanley Pranin as Aiki News, Aikido Journal has created and published the world’s most extensive collection of aikido media and research in addition to producing landmark events.

After the passing of our founder in 2017, the journal was reborn. We’ve built a team and developed a content production pipeline to restore and republish old articles and research as well as to feature new stories.

Recent examples of our work includes:

  • Bruce Bookman interview: A four part series on his history, the story of his dojo’s success, cross-training and artistic expression, and his perspective on teaching and the future of the art.
  • Ellis Amdur interview: A three part series on the history and future of the traditional martial arts, and the art of aikido.
  • George Ledyard podcast: On skill transmission in the art of aikido

Why we need your help

This major undertaking requires resources. It will require production staff (like our crack editor Christina Kelly), tools, and operating funds to produce new content and restore and republish content from our vast archive for the community’s benefit. In order to become a sustainable enterprise—and to expand the range of what we can do with the journal —our content creation efforts must be supported by a reliable source of income. Now, you can sponsor our efforts directly through Patreon, as requested by many in our last community survey. This system will give us fuel to keep publishing the content you enjoy, and we’re pleased to join the many content creators who are now using this service. 

Throughout history, great works of art have been able to come into being because of the support of kings and other patrons of artists. Patreon has done a great job bringing this tradition into the digital age, allowing anyone on the internet to directly contribute to the creation of content they care about.

Some are already supporting us with a subscription to Aikido Journal TV, which provides on-demand access to our entire video catalog as well as digital giftboxes and other perks. For those who have not subscribed to Aikido Journal TV, but wish to support our work, Patreon is another alternative.

How It Works

Become an Aikido Journal patron by pledging to contribute a certain amount of money per month. Approximately once a week, we will release a new story, podcast, or republish a fully restored and enhanced article from our archives.


We set up multiple reward tiers starting at $1 / month. There will be special rewards for each level of contribution, including access to patron-only polls to provide feedback on content, behind-the-scenes posts and discussion threads, and early access to new content before it’s released publicly.

I’m tremendously honored to have a community of people who value what we do at Aikido Journal. I look forward to building upon the monumental work of the journal’s founder, as well as taking the conversation in new directions to chronicle the growth and life of the aikido world.

Our Patreon page is live now. We hope you’ll join us. Even a contribution of $1 /month will help support our work.

Many thanks for your help!


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