The Doshu Comes to California

As of Emperor Naruhito’s ascendance to the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1, the new imperial era Reiwa (令和) has begun in Japan. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described the term as “culture coming into being and flourishing when people bring their hearts and minds together in a beautiful manner.”

In the Aikido community, we can all appreciate the sentiment of collaborating wholeheartedly to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place. And, like the Japanese monarchy, we have a spiritual and symbolic leader to set the tone: Moriteru Ueshiba, who is the grandson of Aikido’s founder and also the current Doshu (hereditary head of the Aikikai). The Doshu has spent over sixty years training in and teaching Aikido according to his family legacy. This September he will be visiting the American West Coast for the first time in fifteen years to lead a seminar.

Sponsoring a seminar with Doshu is an honor and a wonderful opportunity for the Aikido community on a local, national, and global level to practice the Art of Peace with a person under the direct lineage of O’Sensei.  -Michael Friedl  7th Dan Shihan    CAA Head of Division 2

The Doshu seminar, which will be held from September 6-8 in San Mateo, California by the California Aikido Association (CAA), includes four training sessions over three days all taught by Ueshiba on 11,000 sq. feet of mat space. This event is highly anticipated not only because the Doshu makes just one international trip per year, but also because this is the first time in four years he will be teaching the entire seminar. The seminar is open to ages 8 and up, and there will also be a celebratory banquet on Saturday night (open to all ranks). Tickets for the event and banquet are still available, but they will sell out soon. There is also a scholarship fund for children and adults who wish to attend but lack the financial means. Inquire about the scholarship program by email here.

Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba

For the international leaders of the Aikido community, this is a rare and exciting opportunity to come together under one roof to forge new connections and discuss the state of Aikido around the world. The CAA has provided a complimentary pass for leaders of every Aikikai-certified organization within the United States to attend the celebratory banquet. In collaboration with the CAA, Aikido Journal will be hosting a special briefing and discussion forum for organizational leaders during the weekend seminar.

Aikido Journal is honored to support this historic event and to have the opportunity to gather together leadership from the United States Aikido community to discuss ways we can collaborate to forge the best possible future for the art of Aikido. — Josh Gold, Executive Editor of Aikido Journal

Stay tuned for more information about the seminar in the months to come.

Aikido Journal readers can enjoy a 10% discount when booking a training and banquet package before July 19th. Learn more about the Doshu Seminar and register here

Christina Kelly


  • This is a timely event (hosting Doshu) for we are at a crossroads all
    over our planet, where we hope to move away from exclusivity and toward collaboration.

    I’m very excited about so many Aikidoka from around the globe, from all different organizations, coming together to practice the art of peace, this art so many of us cherish with all our hearts.