In Memory of Aria Cheyenne Ramirez

Aria Cheyenne Ramirez: June 10, 2002-September 14, 2019

After a battle with a rare form of cancer, Lee Lavi Ramirez Sensei’s daughter, Aria, passed away on September 14th. On behalf of the aikido community, Aikido Journal would like to offer our respects and deepest condolences to Lee and her family during this challenging time. Lee recorded a podcast with Aikido Journal while her daughter was undergoing cancer treatment. You can listen here if you’d like to hear more about how Lee and her daughter navigated this critical life challenge.

Aria Ramirez


Aria’s Poem

when I awoke this dreary day i

was a raindrop on a windshield

dragged upwards at 70 mph, along

with my brethren.

at first i feared for my life.

now i know it’s needless in the

face of my newfound immortality;

for i am god.

as we speak, i’ve become one

with my brother, sisters.

soon we will evaporate toward

the heavens and rain down upon

all the upturned hands, smiling,

crying faces gazing up to us,

eyes closed.

Aria’s resting place under the old carob tree. There is so much peace in its wild surroundings; big hills, beautiful sky,, quiet air and squirrels climbing and playing on the tree.

Josh Gold

Executive Editor of Aikido Journal, CEO of Budo Accelerator, and co-founder of Ikazuchi Dojo.


  • Lee,

    My deepest condolences. You took this journey with Aria with grace, courage, attunement, and love. You are a true embodiment of the essence of aikido. You will forever be an inspiration for me. Sending love your way, my friend.


  • ” Mindenkinek van egy teste, ismeretlen lehetőségekkel és lehetőségekkel. Azt hiszem örült az az ember aki nem fedezi fel és művelei.Te meg teted bátorsággal és alázattal.
    Tiszta szívből és alázattal köszönök el, de mindig velünk marad a tanítás amit átadtál!

  • I am sorry for the physical loss of your daughter Sensei.
    But, her Spirit lives on and resides with your family forever.
    It is the truth. My thoughts are with you.

  • We cannot question God’s reason nor timing but knowing that Aria is learning about God’s plan as her spirit is shared with us makes us aware that she will be greeting as we join her in our future journey.

  • Lee Sensei,
    my deepest condolences. I would let here a thought.
    When someone we love leave us, we discover how much of that person is inside of us.
    In this way we are forever connected beyond time and space.

  • No parent should outlive their child. I have experienced this myself and the grief and sadness is hard to bear , but it can be borne. My deepest condolences to you, your family and your daughters friends.

  • Great Aria, may you become one with the rain, with you brothers and sisters and the entire universe wich is what your words say to my heart. I didn’t get to meet you but your poem moved mi entire inner universe and melted all my walls. To your family, I wish streng, wisdom and unity in this time to come, I know is not easy, my deepest condolences. Go in peace beatiful one.

  • Dear Lee, I am so sorry for your loss. I was keeping in touch as best I could from up here in Canada on your daughters progress and was hoping above hope that she would survive this. So I am heartbroken as a parent and someone who has known you since a long time for what you are going through. At least now, Aria is Resting In Peace. Deepest sympathies and love from Vancouver. Regards JP

  • My deepest condolences to you and your family. Aria’s Poem is beautiful. I have a son the same age and can only imagine your grief. What a beautiful resting place you found for Aria.

  • R.I.P. Aria you sit at the LORD’S side now free of pain and suffering. May the LORD give peace and comfort to your family and friends, until you are together in the house of the LORD once again!

  • I’m very saddened by your loss. There is nothing worse for a parent to experience but her example makes us realize our stay here is very short and we need to live it that way.