Photo Journal: Aikido at Summit LA19

On November 10 and 11, Josh Gold, Executive Editor of Aikido Journal,  had the opportunity to share the art of aikido at Summit LA, one of the world’s preeminent idea festivals. The Summit community is comprised of global leaders across a range of disciplines, as well as up and coming influencers, innovators, and thinkers. You can read the story of aikido that Josh presented to the Summit community here.

Photos by Anne Lee.

Getting ready to lead one of the afternoon Aikido session @ Summit LA19.
Make No Small Plans.
Event security was awesome. Friendly and competent.

Fun to see the painting come to life over the course of the event.
Josh Gold and Nastia Shuba

This photo is too awesome for a caption.

Flower crowns.
Having some fun before beginning setup for the aikido session at Summit LA. Ben Cave, Anne Lee, and Billy Vincenty.
Running through technical possibilities for the session.
Josh Gold and Billy Vincenty.

A moment of quiet before the session begins.
The Ikazuchi Dojo instructor team assembles the mats.
Testing ukemi on the astroturf. With many participants expected, we know our instructors would need to be taking falls off the mats.
Hakamas on, ready for the session.
Kicking off the session with an interpretation of the art of aikido. It captured the attention of many – I got a lot of feedback over the weekend that it was both unexpected and compelling.

Beginning the movement practice.
Beginning the movement practice.
Beginning the movement practice.

It was impossible not to have fun with the Summit community. A warm and inspiring group of diverse thinkers and doers.
Quick photo break between techniques.

Mark Tercek with Francisco de los Cobos
Chris Jones

Photographing a Summit event photographer.
Madison Fukushima and Ben Cave with the Summit crowd.

Another photo with friends break.
M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International, with Mark Tercek, former CEO of The Nature Conservancy

Closing statement.
A short demo to close out the session.

Alexx – our awesome session coordinator. He made things run smoothly for us.

Mark Tercek and Josh Gold. Friends, fellow aikido practitioners, and co-founders of a new aikido based nonprofit. We’ll announce more about this exciting initiative in the very near future.
Evening festivities begin at SummitLA.
The end of a successful day for the art of aikido.

Antonio Aloia