Doshu Seminar in California: Photo Journal Part 1

On September 6-8, Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba visited California to lead a seminar organized by the California Aikido Association. Over 750 aikido practitioners gathered from around the world for this historic event.  This is part one of a two part photo journal.

During the Doshu’s trip to California, Aikido Journal also conducted an interview with Moriteru Ueshiba, which will be published in the very near future.

Photos by Anne Lee, © Aikido Journal.

The shomen constructed for the Doshu seminar at the San Mateo Event Center.

Michael Friedl and Patricia Hendricks of the CAA welcome the Doshu and aikido practitioners from around the globe for this historic event.
Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba

Moriteru Ueshiba welcomes everyone to the event and shares his thoughts and approach for the weekend’s training.
Daniel Brasse
Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba with Jimmy Friedman
Christine Wong and Josh Gold
Jim Alvarez

Charlie McGinnis
Shihonage. Uke: Terumasa Hino
Aikidoka enthusiastically wearing a tenugui gifted by Seido to seminar participants.

Mark Larson
Kei Izawa and Patricia Hendricks speaking with Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba

Wilko Vriesman and Josh Gold enjoying some kaiten-nage practice.

Patricia Hendricks with Josh Gold

Craig Fife and Bernice Tom

Bruce Bookman and Mary Tesoro
Zenko Okimura (right front) received his shodan (black belt) directly from the Founder of Aikido in 1968.

Don Ellingsworth, Julie “Jet” Tollen, and Roy Hodges

Anne Lee, photojournalist. Enjoying a break by the water between shooting the Doshu interview (soon to be released) and the Friday evening training session.

Josh Gold

Executive Editor of Aikido Journal, CEO of Budo Accelerator, and co-founder of Ikazuchi Dojo.